aki (English/Japanese)

Aki was born and raised in Tokyo. Since age of 10, she liked things such as aggies, marbles, stained glass, etc. that had clear and beautiful colors.
She was attracted to the spiritual world in 2017 and started expressing inner psychological world through pictures.

She drew her first abstract painting in a blue color gradation with watercolors in September 2018 and received a reputation from people in Japan and overseas.She realized that the energy put into her picture would be transmitted across borders and bring pleasure and healing to the people looking at it.Since then, she studied painting on her own and started artist activities while working on weekdays.

Her painting style is like painting along with her emotions with watercolors.There are no motifs or drafts.
Choosing colors as she feels and moving the brush. She paints pictures with a sense of feeling reflecting her soul onto her art work.

Her dream is to bring pleasure and healing to people all over the world through pictures.
She continues to paint while hoping people to feel comfortable with her artwork.
Such art will be exhibited at Noho M55 Gallery in NY in July 2019.






2019年7月 Fusion/Noho M55 Gallery in NY
2019年8月 SUMMER SONIC 2019 アートランタン プロジェク
2019年10月 企業コラボプロジェクト2019【PLACE DU ARUKAS】/ナカメアルカス
2019年11月 みんなをハッピーにする奇跡の展覧会/SNS
2020年10月 Abstraction – 抽象 -展/GALLERY ART POINT
2020年10月 第9回 クリエイターEXPO/東京ビックサイト

2021年4月 Salon Art Shopping/Carrousel du Louvre in Paris